Estate planning

Estate Planning - a priority for today

An effective Will is just one of the steps in wise estate planning.  Did you know that not all of your estate passes on death under your Will?  Failure to give attention to the planning of your assets can lead to inadvertent benefit to a beneficiary, unnecessary tax liability or loss of pension.

Estate planning considers:

  • your total life focus
  • your retirement options
  • better planning for retirement
  • how your assets currently pass on death
  • superannuation benefits
  • insurance cover
  • creating personal wealth


For most Australians superannuation is a significant asset.  Are you aware of your death benefit recipients? What discretion does your Superannuation Trustee have to distribute benefits?  Should you make a legal binding nomination?

Current assets

Is your home jointly owned with your spouse/partner?  Can you transfer assets to joint ownership or a non-estate ownership to achieve asset protection and reduce future legal costs.  Stamp duty is no longer payable on the transfer to your spouse/partner of a one-half interest in your home.  Should you transfer a joint interest now?

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