What our clients say about us

I greatly appreciate the prompt and professional service provided by Kells, especially the in-home service and Michael's friendly and understanding nature. Thank you! - A.Warburton -

"I have the highest regard for Ashleigh Barry, Peter Chodat and Emma Newbury. They showed commitment, understanding and professionalism through an incredibly stressful time, there ability to obtain a result with kindness and genuine friendship leaves me indebted to them always" – Kevin Jurinak

Roger Downs, through his advice and thoroughness, transformed what I found daunting in the beginning, become effortless. Roger was non judgemental and patient with my inter-family pain which led to my decisions of the matter. I am certain I have chosen the right firm. Kells made me feel very comfortable and at ease in every appointment I made. Thank you for everything.

Michael and his team have been very responsive to my requirements and I am extremely happy with the work performed.


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