Ways we can help you

Banking & Finance

  • I am a lender or broker seeking advice on loans and mortgages
  • I need to take action against a borrower who has defaulted on their loan

Business, Commercial & Corporate

  • I am setting up, buying, selling or restructuring a business or company
  • I need advice on a contract or lease
  • I need advice about a franchise
  • I am a not-for-profit organisation seeking advice

Construction & Developments

  • I need advice on a construction or building issue
  • I need a building or maintenance contract prepared or drafted

Criminal Law

  • I'm in trouble with the police
  • I've just been assaulted
  • I'm being sued

Litigation & Disputes

  • I need advice on a business dispute or an outstanding debt

Local Government, Planning & Environment

  • I'm unhappy with the council's decision about a Development Application
  • I'm in trouble with the local council
  • My neighbour and I are in dispute over a tree